New phone!

I'm so happy 'cause yesterday I broth a new phone, it's a Samsung galaxy s2 and I love it! ♥ It's a very nice phone with a good camera etc but it's a little big, but I guess I get used to it... ;) So now I will try to update the bog from my phone so it gets easier for me to update you about thing that happens, but I will also update my twitter once again from the phone. ;)

Hope you didn't quit reading the blog and I'm very sorry for not updating it, I promise to sharpen up at update you!

For the time it's holiday at our school so I've a lot of time to write here, but lately nothing happened... :/ But I have caught a cold >.<  It' very annoying to be sick in the holidays but I hope I'll get well soon! ;) I gonna update you!

I'm thankful to all of you, my dear readers! Thank you for reading my blog, it makes me very happy. ♥♥♥

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